CarnotCycle welcomes students from Rutgers

Posted: October 23, 2017 in physical chemistry, thermodynamics
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CarnotCycle is honored to announce that Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, has included this thermodynamics blog on the reading list for students of physical chemistry. Founded in 1766, Rutgers is the eighth oldest college in the United States and is the largest institution for higher education in New Jersey.

CarnotCycle is committed to making topics in this area of science accessible to students worldwide. Thermodynamics has played – and continues to play – a major role in shaping our world. It can be a difficult subject, but time spent learning about thermodynamics is never wasted. It enriches knowledge and empowers the mind.


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  1. Peter Mander says:

    But then again, you personally were way ahead ;-)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. FlowCoef says:

    As a graduate of a Rival institution of learning, I am miffed that they got (t)here first.


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