CarnotCycle reaches 300,000 visits

Posted: November 24, 2021 in physical chemistry, thermodynamics

Every day this blog gets visits from all over the world, and in numbers which show that thermodynamics interests many, many people. They come from lands big and small, rich and poor, happy and less-than-happy. And they are all united in their desire for knowledge.

Knowledge is power. And in the case of thermodynamics, that knowledge is especially powerful.

There are now 100 posts and pages on this blog, covering a sizeable range of topics in thermodynamics and allied disciplines. They are written for enquiring minds, and it is truly gratifying to see so much of the CarnotCycle resource being accessed by so many.

Thank you for visiting.

  1. FlowCoef says:

    Many men of many kinds, many men of a common mind. (:


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