J.R.W. Warn and A.P.H. Peters (1996)

Concise Chemical Thermodynamics by J.R.W. Warn and A.P.H. Peters, published by Chapman & Hall and printed in Great Britain. I acquired this copy of the Second edition in 2011 from an online seller of second-hand books.

This book, which attempts to introduce the subject with a minimum of mathematics, has a long and rather unusual publishing history. The first edition appeared in 1969 and was authored solely by J.R.W. Warn about whom I can find nothing except that he was working in a school of computing science at the time when the second edition appeared 27 years later in 1996 after 21 reprints.

I have the impression that Mr Warn was no longer involved with the book at this time although his name appears as co-author. It seems that Mr Peters effectively took over from him, and when the third edition appeared in 2010 it was under Peters’ sole authorship.

The chapter headings of the third edition published in 2019 by CRC Press are actually the same as the second edition of 1996. The changes are not organizational but textual and technological, with the introduction of computing applications for e.g. graphing the course of chemical reactions.

1. Energy
2. The First Law of Thermodynamics
3. Thermochemistry
4. Spontaneous Changes
5. Entropy
6. Free Energy
7. Chemical Equilibrium
8. Equilibrium Experiments and their interpretation
9. Electrochemical Cells
10. Free Energy and Industrial Processes
11. Computational Thermochemistry

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P Mander February 2022