K.G. Denbigh (1955)

The Principles of Chemical Equilibrium with applications to Chemistry and Chemical Engineering by K.G. Denbigh, published by the Cambridge University Press and printed in Great Britain. This beautifully preserved copy in its original dust jacket is the first edition from 1955.

Kenneth George Denbigh (1911-2004) was an English chemical engineer and science philosophy writer who had a substantial career in both industry and university teaching. This book has been through four editions – 1955, 1966, 1971 and 1981 with the latest reprint in 1997, a testament to its lasting value.

That said, it is in this blog’s opinion not a book that will necessarily appeal to Chem or Chem Eng undergraduates due to its focus being on depth of understanding rather than problem solving with worked examples. But if it’s insight you’re after, this is the book for you. It is rich in detail as well as being very well written.

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Fourth Edition contents are laid out in 15 chapters [number of sections shown in brackets]

1. First and Second Laws [18]
2. Auxiliary Functions and Conditions of Equilibrium [14]
3. Thermodynamics of Gases [9]
4. Equilibria of Reactions involving Gases [19]
5. Phase Rule [7]
6. Phase Equilibria in Single Component Systems [6]
7. General Properties of Solutions and the Gibbs-Duhem Equation [8]
8. Ideal Solutions [13]
9. Non-ideal Solutions [11]
10. Reaction Equilibrium in Solution. Electrolytes [18]
11. Statistical Analogues of Entropy and Free Energy [14]
12. Partition Function of a Perfect Gas [13]
13. Perfect Crystals and the Third Law [13]
14. Configurational Energy and Entropy [3]
15. Chemical Equilibrium in Relation to Chemical Kinetics [9]

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See the whole Fourth Edition (1981, reprinted 1997) on WordPress


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P Mander February 2022